Curious about how this site is constructed?

A lot of time and thought has gone in to how this site was built, and we’re proud of it! Many hours, days and weeks, along with a lot of research and discussion, lead to this version and we’ve changed up some tools we used big time!

It’s a really new and fresh approach – new CMS, new framework, new brand approach – to how we wanted to build our site, and we wanted to tell you all about what we used to build it.


We’re using WordPress. After taking a long hard look at what this site needed to be and what would be the best tool we settled on WordPress.


We’ve constructed this website using ZURB’s Foundation 5, which is just about the most amazing responsive framework available.

Color Palette

Our brand colors are:

  • Text color – #222222
  • Link color – #97B8B6
  • Orange – #F15F22
  • Yellow – #F7CA10
  • Light Blue – #CCDEDC
  • Alternate Blue – #335d6c
  • Medium Blue – #97B8B6
  • Dark Blue – #013548
  • Red – #8f2626

Fonts & Type

We’ve used a couple different fonts to make this site awesome. All the fonts we use can be found on Font Squirrel.

We wanted something tall and narrow for the title font so we used a font called Antonio. We also wanted to have a nice sans-serif font for the body font that had a good selection of weights available for different uses, so for the body font we are using Lato.

We’ve created our own icons that we use in various places on the site, but we also are using Font Awesome for some more subtle effects.


We also used a couple different creative commons licensed images to spice things up. Our main image that we use on the front page is by Jake Matthews, and you can find that image here.

We also used another great shot, this one by Nick Gerrod, to serve as the background image for our newsletter sign-up and you can find that one here.