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Just say no to hope marketing.

If you want to make progress you need to know your numbers. You need to know where you are, know what your targets are, and if you’re making progress or not.

If you don’t know your numbers, that’s what is called hope marketing and, well, hope marketing sucks.

It sucks because it’s filled with frustration, and confusion. It doesn’t help you get where you’re trying to go, and what’s worse is you don’t even know how close – or how far you are!

A vital link between your goals and performance is measuring your progress. If you have goals for your website – and you should – then it’s important to know what your targets are and how you’re doing in trying to hit them.

That’s what this is all about.

Our basic SEO services are designed to give you the numbers you need to know, and help with the targets you want to hit so you can make measurable progress toward your bigger web marketing goals.

SEO Keyword Research

It’s frustrating – you think you have a great idea and you want to rank for a keyword phrase, but you’re not even sure where to begin. The questions start running through your mind – How do you get Google to find you for your keyword?

Here’s how we can help.

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SEO Rank Reporting

“Hope” marketing is picking a targeting and hoping that somehow you’re going to find your way there. That’s not really any way to market your website. You need to know how your website is ranking for your targets.

We can show you how you’re doing.

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