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It’s frustrating – you think you have a great idea and you want to rank for a keyword phrase, but you’re not even sure where to begin. The questions start running through your mind – How do you get Google to find you for your keyword?

  • Does my keyword idea make sense?
  • Who else is ranking for this phrase, and can I get my site ranked for it?
  • Does this keyword even make sense?
  • Will this keyword bring traffic to my site?

SEO is tough work. It takes time, and if you’re a website owner you have a business to run. You don’t have time to spend the hours and hours it takes to find quality keywords that will help you get traffic.

Let us do that for you with our SEO Keyword Research service! We’ll work with you to come up with an original list of keywords related to your market, and once we’ve got that figured out we’ll go to work on finding keywords that you can rank for, reasonably compete for, and will drive you solid traffic.

How we solve that problem:

We do your research for you based on your keyword ideas, your market, and your goals.

We start with a brainstorming list of at least 100 keyword ideas and then use that list to trim down down to a much smaller subset of good keywords that:

  1. are relevant to your market and your goals.
  2. There are acceptable levels of traffic.
  3. There are acceptable levels of competition. No need in having the greatest keyword in the world if you cannot reasonably expect to rank in the top 10 of Google’s results
  4. Represent a real commercial opportunity

Once we’ve assembled our final list of keyword targets, we’ll give you the relevant statistical information on your keywords to help you really know what the lay of the land is:

  • Who’s currently #1 for the keyword
  • A summary of the backlink structure so you can know what you’re up against
  • A competition grade that will show you the competitive strength of the market for your keyword
    And more!