Custom WordPress Website Design

Custom WordPress Design

Foundry Web Works works with clients large and small and will build a site for you that absolutely rocks – easy to manage, easy to update, and looks awesome.

We are passionate about all things web! Seriously – it’s what we do. We’ve worked with small start-ups, bloggers, non-profits, consultants, entrepreneurs, even the State of Florida and a sister company of an NBA team. Regardless of the size of your team, or project we on the edge of our seat ready to jump in and work with you!

What we have here is a selection of packages that are designed to help make the process easier. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you look at all the options available, but not to fear. We’re here to serve.

Choosing one of these packages is the fastest way to take your web project to the next level. Foundry Web Works will produce for you a website that looks amazing, that is easy to manage, and is an asset to your business, your community and brand.

Entrepreneur’s Plan

This is the package for you if you’re a website owner who has been blogging or creating content for a while now, and are ready to take things to the next level, but don’t need the branding and logo component.

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Founder’s Plan

This is the package where we roll up our sleeves, and pull out all the stops and focus on creating for you branding, and a killer website that is fully customized and gets you set up with everything you need to succeed.

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Merchant’s Plan

Ecommerce is a way of life and you need a store that can power your goals through to acheivement. This is a perfect package for merchants who are ready to create a great online storefront for their business.

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How it Works

The process of getting your website project through from start to completion is designed to be as efficient and effective as possible and we make sure that you're completely comfortable and understand what's going on at each step along they way.

1. Initial Payment & Production Schedule Rerservation

Virtually all of our projects require a 50% initial payment to reserve a start date, with the final 50% due prior to launching the final work.

2. Kickoff Strategy Meeting

Once we've decided to work together and collected the down payment we then get our initial kickoff strategy meeting scheduled. This is where we cover all the design aspects that we need to cover, go over fonts, colors, etc., make sure we have a firm grasp on features, and set our roadmap and start and completion dates. It's also where we get you set up for the project in our Basecamp – our project management system, as well as other tools like Dropbox that we'll use throughout the process.

3. Design & Development

With our strategy now in place it's time to dive in and start building your project! All of our projects are developed live, online at a private web address so we can both see how things progress, and how they look online.

4. Content Evaluation & Placement

Once the design elements are in place, it's now time to make sure all the content is ready to go. If the package you selected also has an SEO consult, this will be the time when we look at your content from an SEO perspective and make recommendations for your content to maximize its visibility to search engines.

5. Testing

After everything is in place we then do a thorough check to make sure everything is playing nice together. This includes making sure all the modules and plugins are working correctly, all user features are working, and everything is ready to go to take things live!

6. Final Payment

We’re almost done! At this point we send the final invoice so we can get that squared away, and we begin to wrap things up.

7. Launch

Now that everything has been tested and checked and we've received payment on the final invoice, it's time to launch your project!

8. Training walkthrough guide (optional)

This step coincides with the launch. We train you and get you up to speed on how to use all the new features of the website. Sometimes the projects we create for our clients are more complex, so for these bigger projects we also create a video walkthrough training guide for your website so you have a reference guide on hand.

Implementation of Website Maintenance Service (optional)

Now that the site is live it's time to get your website maintenance service plan in place. This service makes sure that your site stays up to date, is backed up, and secure and sets you up with our easy-to-use website analytics service among a couple other nice features!