Premium Backups

Secure Off-site Backups

Safeguard your hard work! Make sure that all of your content, your images, your site files and your database are safe and secure. This is the perfect solution for self-hosted WordPress sites that’s hassle-free and automatic.

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Get Started

We are now including our premium backup service with all new hosting plans!

How it

The way it works is simple. Sign up for the site, or number of sites you want to keep backups for. We’ll connect your site to CodeGuard and pull in an initial backup of everything you’ve got on your hosting account. That includes your site files and your database.

We will monitor your site to watch for changes. Whenever you make new update to your site, like add a new post, or upload a new image, the backup system will see it, then pull down the new info in to your backup.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using WordPress, or Drupal, or something else, we’ll get it backed up for you, and when you need to restore it, it’s super simple, intuitive process that’s fast.

You can monitor daily changes. We can send you a change alert email notifying you of what was added, modified, or deleted if you’d like.

You can restore you website and database from any previous backup version by downloading a zip file, chose an automatic restoration, or restore individual files and folders.