Mobile Analytics

Real-Time Analytics Delivered to Your Mobile Device

Monitoring how well your site is earning you money doesn’t mean you have to be tied to your desktop 24/7.

On the contrary!

We know that there’s life beyond your computer so Orracle Analytics found a way for you to get a quick look on your analytics data even while you’re on the go.

This way, you can check on your site’s performance while you’re meeting potential investors and business partners or watching your daughter ace her softball game.

You get the same ease of use, the same access to functionalities, and the same straightforward presentation of real-time data…literally at your fingertips.

Mobile Web App

If you have a smart phone and it has a WebKit-based browser—iPhone, Android, WebOS, and Symbian, to name a few—there’s a mobile version of Orracle Analytics that you can bring anywhere.

What’s best is that it mimics the look and feel of the web app.

You get almost all of the features and reports that you normally find when you login to Orracle Analytics from your desktop browser…using an intuitive interface that’s optimized for mobile.

Orracle Analytics Widget for Android

If you have an Android-powered device, you can easily create a widget for each of your sites on your Android desktop…for quick stats on the go.

You can install as many widgets as you want…even a host of different widgets of different types for the same site.

And it’s battery friendly! Even when configured to pull data every 5 minutes—at optimal settings—the impact on your battery life is practically negligible.

The Real-Time Advantage

So whether you’re checking on your site stats from your desktop browser or from your smart phone, Orracle Analytics delivers!

We tell you what’s happening on your site right now—on the go or at your desk. All other analytics tools are great for historical analytics, but our analytics software is absolutely unrivaled for real timedata.

Track visitor clicks and actions, find out where they’re coming from and where they’re going to, and more importantly, understand what’s stopping your prospects from buying…wherever you are!

It’s as detailed as you need it to be…but simple and straightforward enough for non-techie guys like small business owners, professionals, and bloggers to use and follow.

Orracle Analytics is the best of both worlds, actually.