Video Analytics

Discover What Videos Interest Your Market  …and Make More Money While You’re at It! 

Small business owners and professionals are turning to video these days to reach their audience.

With videos, messages are stickier—especially when it comes to the online market. They prefer the utter simplicity of watching videos rather than reading text.

Current trends point to the fact that videos will figure largely in engaging your market and getting them to “buy” what you’re offering in the near future.

That’s because videos are better at grabbing your audience’s interest from the get go.

The moving images and sounds engage the senses much more quickly than text. And videos are better at evoking emotions that trigger connections between your market and your product or service.

But not just any video can stimulate the senses and elicit emotions.  

The video that gets liked, shared, and viewed right through to the end without any pause is the video that’s interesting and compelling.

How will you know if your video resonates well with your audience? And what, exactly, has caught their attention?

Longer Attention Span = More Money Made

Your video is only as potent as its ability to hold your audience’s interest until the end.

How useful, how attractive or how compelling your video dictates the length of your viewers’ attention span. If they’re not interested, then they skip your video all together.

A good video analytics application will help you identify the things that hook your viewer’s curiosity—and what they’re doing while watching—so you can keep supplying stuff that holds their interest longer and keeps them coming back for more.

Once you know what your audience is up to while watching your videos…once you know what has captured their interest, then you can leverage what you know to keep supplying them with what they want…

When that happens, you’ve got greater chances of earning more money.

Who, What, When, Where, and How

Orracle Analytics can do the kind of tracking that’s relevant to your campaign’s success. It can deliver the plain analytics…and go the extra mile to keep your videos more responsive, interesting, and engaging.

Standard video analytics like what you find on YouTube gives you the following data by default:

  • how many people viewed your video for a particular day
  • the age and sex of your viewers
  • how they got to your video—whether from a keyword search or from related videos

Orracle Analytics delivers these data…and helps you drill down into the finer points of your audience’s whereabouts and actions…right on day one.

As soon as Orracle’s video analytics tool is up and running, you can track and monitor anything:

  • what the viewer is watching…and if he’s watching all the way through
  • all interactions with the video—playing, pausing, seeking, and ending
  • the time spent running the video

Plus all the other data that’ll help you create an attention-grabbing, compelling, winning video with a few tweaks through the API (for documentation, click here):***

  • the number of views that each video gets, including the likes
  • where your audience are located, using a world map view
  • segmented analytics by date
  • what videos are being embedded…and  from where they’re being viewed

And the good news, there are additional data you can track:

  • multiple videos in one page
  • video titles that are being accessed (YouTube and other plain vanilla video analytics don’t let you access the title of the video.)

All these makes video analytics easier and more intuitive. And there’s the added bonus of being able to export your analytics data to facilitate your reporting and presentations.