Foundry Website Security Clean Up

Security & Clean Up

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Start Your Clean Up

We use Sucuri to go through your compromised site and get everything cleaned out. Then, once we make sure that we’ve got everything covered there and everything is cleaned and ready to go, we then go through and do all the hardening that needs to be done to make sure any exploit hole isn’t vulnerable again.

We cover all this stuff:

  • Updating your core WordPress software to the most recent secure version
  • Updating your WordPress plugins to the most recent secure version (these need to be part of the standard WordPress plugin directory and does not cover 3rd party or custom created plugins. Premium 3rd party plugins can be updated so long as we have the ability to work seamlessly with the plugin creator to obtain a recent fresh and up to date copy of the plugin).
  • Update your theme (this does not cover custom created themes. If you’re using a custom theme, we’ll help you work with the theme developer to make sure there are no vulnerabilities, however, we cannot patch holes in someone’s custom created theme).

  • Update your database password and username
  • Update your FTP username and password
  • Update your WordPress username and password
  • Get you set up with CloudFlare security to help prevent stuff like this again in the future.
  • Work with Sucuri to make sure everything is complete and locked up tight

If for some reason, God forbid, we are unable to clear the exploit, we will give you a 100% refund so there is no risk to you. All this is done, not only to get you cleaned up from the exploit, but to work to make your site safe and secure so this doesn’t happen again.